360° Impact

Changing lives . . . Saving lives

We know the 360° Program makes a difference. We have seen the positive life changes in our students and heard about the short and long-term impacts on relationships, families, military units, and individuals – but that is not enough.

Right now, budgets are limited and it is our responsibility to ensure that every dollar spent results in meaningful, relevant, and lasting improvement for our students, families, military units, and communities.

We recognize the importance of student feedback; of critical studies and independent reviews; of objective and defensible outcomes data; and of the evidence of changes in awareness, behaviors, conditions, general wellbeing, and happiness.

We actively gather information to continually assess and improve the program, ensuring meaningful and relevant outcomes.

360° Program impact and outcomes have been assessed and analyzed since the inception of the 360° Leaders Course in March 2010. The overwhelming evidence demonstrates the power of the 360° Program.

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  • Every Course Assessed. All students complete a 360° intake packet consisting of standardized and internally developed health, wellness, and resiliency measures. Upon completion of the course, all students complete an exit packet and a feedback survey.

The 360° Program has consistently received high and very high ratings from the students and has countless vignettes of significant improvements in sleep; stress management; pain; relationships with spouses and children; communication; anger management; and changes in leadership style, listening, understanding their Service Members, identifying red flags and responding, getting their Service Members the help needed.

  • Independent DOD Analysis. The Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE) conducted an independent critical analysis of the 360° Leaders Course outcomes and found highly statistically significant positive outcomes in sleep, psychological health, and general well being (relationships, wellness, quality of life).
  • Long Term Outcomes. The 360° Program routinely conducts long term outcomes surveys and analyses to evaluate outcomes, consistently finding persistent long-term positive change for the students, families, and military units.

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All donations are tax deductible and directly support 360VA Members, their Families and our Military Community.