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The 360 Veterans’ Association was established to support 360° Leader Program Alumni, Family Members, and military Veterans by sustaining and expanding the leadership skills, 360° tools, and the personal growth gained in the 360° Leader Courses.

Originally designed to equip soldiers with the skills to help them deal with the consequences of their combat experiences, the 360° Leader Program continues to evolve as a course required by leaders at every level and is the ONLY health, wellness, resiliency program in the Department of Defense with solid, statistically significant positive outcomes.

The program has delivered 55 Leader Courses throughout the U.S. and in Europe, training over 2200 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Guardsmen, and Veterans since our first course in March, 2010.  The 360° Program has had a powerful ripple effect throughout the Department of Defense, with the 360° Alumni applying the knowledge, skills, and 360° tools as leaders and supervisors for over 45,000 military and civilians.

Most importantly, the 360° Program has changed lives, renewed and restored relationships, and saved lives.  Our Alumni use 360° knowledge, skills, and tools in their own lives, with their families, and with their Service Members – changing lives and saving lives.

The 360 Veterans’ Association provides the ‘360° Lifetime Guarantee’ of support, consultation, resources to assist with leadership, family, and personal challenges.

Who We Are.

Our 360VA Members are leaders in their units, workplaces, and communities who continue to live 360° – all around fit - balanced lives, lead by example, and pass 360° on.

360VA is a 501(c)(19) War Veterans’ Organization: organized exclusively for the charitable, educational, scientific, and literary purposes to benefit veterans and members of the United States Armed Forces. Your Donations are Tax Exempt and directly support our Nations’ Veterans.

— Of Veterans for Veterans —

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Below is a note from a Fort Campbell NCO who attended a 360° Leader Course in 2015!

    I was selected to attend the Soldier 360 Training (TDY) at Camp Lejeune, NC from 28APR through 02MAY. The training was phenomenal and extremely informative because it helped provide an opportunity to develop myself personally, as well as enhance my leadership skills. The main focus of the course material was to look internally and get to know yourself and seek self-improvement. I believe the military focuses so much time and energy on developing leaders through professional development but often neglect to provide opportunities for leaders to get to the source of leadership…the leader.

    Every day the instructors honed in on stress management and post traumatic growth, along with several other important topics. They were not typical classes on coping and moving forward but rather keyed in to the root and cause of each problem. The instructors did not dance around sensitive topics and they were able to get everyone to face issues straight on. Once issues were acknowledged the instructors taught how to manage them in a healthy manner.

    After completing the course I feel like weights have been lifted off my shoulders and I know how to acknowledge problems in order to help myself. This personal growth has instilled confidence for me to lead Soldiers more effectively. I feel like a healthier person and an improved leader. I highly recommend this course.

    Very Respectfully,

  2. Sir,

    I just had the honor of graduating from the class that was held in Vilseck, this NCO hit the nail on the head. This class was the best course I have ever been through all of 17 plus years in the US Army. The instructors were so knowledgeable and so passionate about each subject and about helping each one of us that were in the class.

  3. Sir,
    I am honored to have completed the course. I completed it in November 2015. I learned much about leadership development and seeking self- improvement, Mrs. Mary was amazing, had a sense of humor and was straight-forward and that is what I like and benefit from. To this day, I still try and utilize what I have learned.

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