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  • Deliver Leader 360° life changing skills throughout our Military Community
  • Sponsor Spouse participation in Leader 360° Courses
  • Support our 360VA Members - Leader 360° Alumni - by sustaining and improving their life skills; sharpening their tools for life

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360VA Membership is free.  But a lifetime of support has some cost...100% of your donations supports 360VA Members, Veterans and Spouses...

  • Starfish Sponsor: $3600 Funds a Veteran and their Spouse for the week-long, life-changing Leader 360° Course
  • 360° Strong: $1000 Makes a real difference. It supports the participation of up to ten Spouses, funds Leader 360 Gradations and Members events to stay connected. 
  • 360° Supporter: $100 Sponsors Spouse participation
  • 360° Teammate: $36 Keeps our Members sustained with 360° life skills and resources

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You can pay online or mail your check to:

360 Veterans' Association, 1224 Tudor Place, Alexandria, VA 22307