The Leader 360° Course is the ONLY DOD resiliency, health, and wellness program with solid evidence that it works!

Congress directed The Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE) to evaluate the Department of Defense programs in 2011.  The DCoE conducted a thorough, systematic study to evaluate the effectiveness of the 360° Course based on relevant, objective, measurable outcomes before and after the course (a retrospective pre/post design).  The DCoE findings present highly compelling evidence supporting the effectiveness of the 360° Course.  They found:

Reduced Psychopathology.  “It raises the possibility that 360° could hold promise for reducing adverse behavioral outcomes (violence, suicide) that have been associated with combat related stress.”

Improved Sleep.  “improved satisfaction with falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up at the desired time; reduced sleep problems [that] affect daily function and cause distress.”

Improved Sense of Well-Being (Health, Relationships, Quality of Life).   “The improvements in satisfaction with marriage and financial matters are noteworthy since these domains have been shown to be closely associated with risk for suicide ideation.”

Read about the DCoE Study Key FindingsStudy Summary, or the Full Report.

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The DCoE study was limited to the short term effects of the 360 Course, so the 360 Program conducted an analysis of the long term impact of the course.

The results of this analysis illustrate the powerful impact of the course, with the Alumni reporting that they continue to use the 360 Tools (even several years after the course) and that these Tools make all the difference in their lives, their family members’ lives, and for their Service Members.  Read the Long Term Analysis Summary.