Summer 2019!

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Summer 2019

From the President

Summer is here! Time for Family, fun and celebrating our Nation’s Independence.  Happy Birthday USA!  We also celebrate our most recent group of members from the May Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) Leader 360 Course. And, we are excited to be heading back to JBSA to deliver courses for Army North and the Air Forces 502d Air Wing over the summer. We are now over 600 Members and growing! Thank you!

Got Our Troops Foundation 7thAnnual Golf Tournament

360VA was privileged to be sponsored by Got Our Troops Foundation of New Orleans to participate in their 7thAnnual Golf Tournament. The GOT Foundation and some generous donors in San Antonio afforded us the opportunity to host USMC Veteran CPL Shawn Lopez, Army SSG Ben Weller and his wife Amber from the Military District of Washington, and our JBSA Chapter President, Air Force TSgt Lyle Kelley and his wife Samantha. All had a great time meeting local veterans, enjoying some great NOLA food and taking a whack at some Golf! 

GOT Foundation Recognized with its First “Starfish” Award!

Dr. Mary Lopez said, “it’s great to be invited back, feel the support of the New Orleans community and get to personally say thanks by presenting Got Our Troops with their First Starfish Award”!  GOT Foundation is making a difference!

JBSA Chapter Report

JBSA President Lyle Kelley reports the first Ice Cream Social was a hit! He said, “The new members really thought it was a special treat to get welcomed to 360VA with Cake and Ice Cream and it was great for our chapter members to meet them and as always see the 360 Team!”

SSG Daniel A. Quintana

So, as it happens, we often lose contact with even those so important to us. Such was the case with 360 and Nilda. We had lost contact as both had moved from Germany following Daniel’s death. Gratefully, we are all a small - big military Family and during our most recent course at Joint Base San Antonio a couple in the class recognized that they knew the story of SSG Daniel Quintana because they had met his Family while serving at a TAPS grief camp. They passed us Nilda’s contact information and we have been so pleased and honored to get reconnected. Nilda sent the update below over Memorial Day weekend. 

I remember the day Daniel came back from 360 Leaders Course in Vilseck, he came talking about what he did in the class and that he actually loved the experience. Never would have imagined that would have been the last class he was able to attend after he deployed and was KIA Sept of 2011. I was 7 months pregnant with our daughter Adriana and my son was 13 at that time. Today Adriana loves hearing stories about her Daddy and I did show her this award as well. My son Jose joined the United States Navy. I heard a few years later from a mutual friend that attended one of the courses that it was named in honor of my husband and I was so proud that so many people recognized the great man and leader he was.  I am so happy that I was finally able to say thank you for it. Please let’s don’t lose the contact!

We will not lose contact Nilda and we will Never Forget! In May, SSG Hasand Sanders, USA was recognized by his peers for his leadership and became the 43rdrecipient of the SSG Daniel A. Quintana Memorial Leadership Award. With the support of our members and caring leaders, there will be many more to come.

SSG Daniel A. Quintana Memorial Leadership Award.  Learn more about the Leadership award, see the list of all 43 recipients and learn how you can sponsor a Veterans attendance to a Leader 360° Course on your association’s

Spouse Incentive Programgenerated its highest turnout recently at Joint Base San Antonio when 16 spouses participated in the course! We know it made a real difference for them and all of us as well. Thank you for joining us!

Military Community Significant Days & Observances: 

 04 July            243rdIndependence Day

22 July            Leader 360 Course, 502d Air Wing, JBSA

29 July            Army Chaplain Corps Anniversary

 01 Aug            Air Force Day

 04 Aug            Coast Guard 228thBirthday

 06 Aug            Leader 360 Course, Joint Base San Antonio

 07 Aug            Purple Heart Day

 10 Aug            DoD Birthday

 12 Aug            Leader 360 Course, 502d Air Wing, JBSA

 29 Aug            Marine Corps Reserve Birthday

 02 Sep            Labor Day

 11 Sep            Patriots Day

 18 Sep            Air Force Birthday

 20 Sep            POW/MIA Day

360 COIN. So, we think it is time we get serious about minting a 360 coin as a feature of our “I am 360 Strong” campaign! -- We had actually had report of a broken wristband recently! Btw, you can contact us for replacements anytime. -- Details to follow, but we will recognize the selected design with a $360 cash award! Watch your email for details. 

Pay it forward.  Pass the word to your “Brothers and Sisters in Arms”and our military Veterans by inviting them to register for their membership  Send us your feedback and recommendations. Participate in member groups and pass the word and follow us on: 




Best wishes for a great, safe Summer!

Stay 360° Strong!

Steve Salazar



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